The Garden and Grounds at Vicarage House

The gardens are very special.

There are old roses in the front garden, hot pink valerian and climbing roses around the house. Raspberry ripple roses and deep blue delphiniums fill the topiary garden. Lavenders, irises and lavender blossom around the Pool House. Centurion and alliums adorn the new garden with its apple trees and new beech hedge.

The Walled Garden has classic borders and a central circular bed full of peonies in June with lilacs and wisteria providing colour and scent in the Spring. The Arboretum contains bright yellow, crimson and variegated maples, flowering hawthorns, yellow flowering laburnum trees and the blue green salix. An enchanting wooden door leads from the Arboretum into the Walled Garden. Pots are full of seasonal planting and lots of blossom trees give Spring colour.

There are acres of lawn on which to play games and the garden is abundant with wildlife - deer, pheasants, rabbits, song birds, owls and woodpeckers.

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